70s Review

70s Test Review


“Free Bird” is by this band (Lynyrd Skynyrd)


Jaco Pastorius is known for virtuosic abilities on this instrument (bass)


T or F Pink Floyd came out with an album earlier this month (true)


Who is Ziggy Stardust? (David Bowie’s alter ego)


Who was known for bitings heads off of bats? (Ozzy Osbourne)


T or F Cat Stevens converted to Judaism (false, Islam)


Name two differences the 70s singer-songwriters had when compared to the 60s folk artists (focused more on self than world, used more studio technology)


What was different about Tower of Power compared to other black groups? (they weren’t exclusively black)


T or F The Eagles were the most successful country rock band (true)


Elton John had a major comeback in the 90s for his work on this movie (Lion King)


Dancing and a pounding beat are the main characteristics of this music (disco)


T or F  The 60s focused on collectivism and the 70s focused on individualism (true)


Ozzy Osbourne’s first band was  (Black Sabbath)


Kiss did this in order to “one-up” Alice Cooper (wore heavy makeup)


This band is characterized by Celtic influences, distortion and amplified bass and drums (Led Zeppelin)


T or F Willie Nelson was a popular soft rock artist of the 70s (false)


Who was the leader of reggae music? (Bob Marley)


T or F Michael Jackson was an only child (false)


This movie made disco popular (Saturday Night Fever)


The band Kansas has this instrument that is unique (violin)


Which artist sold the most albums in the 70s? (Peter Frampton)


T or F A lot of heavy metal bands came from Detroit (true)


T or F “Thriller” was the best-selling album in history when it came out (true)


Vincent Furnier’s stage name is? (Alice Cooper)


Name at least two coincidences you saw between the film and the music in The Dark Side of Oz (will be on test)


T or F Eric Clapton is the only three-time inductee into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (true)


60s Part 2 Test Review

Lead singer for the Rollling Stones? (Mick Jagger)


Who is Robert Zimmerman? (Bob Dylan)


This person is called the Godfather of Soul (James Brown)


T or F folk music is image-based and comes out of Chicago (false)


Rick Wakeman was virtuosic on this instrument (keyboard)


Who is Jerry Garcia? (lead singer of hte Grateful Dead)


T or F, vocal use was very constrained in soul music (false, was free)


She was the lead singer for the Supremes (Diana Ross)


Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix were all this age when they died (27)


The owner of Motown Records is named (Berry Gordy)


This is the album the Stones made to compete with Sgt. Peppers (Their Satanic Majesties Request)


The groups Chicago and Blood, Sweat and Tears were examples of this genre (jazz rock)


T or F, Jimi Hendrix got his start playing guitar for people like Little Richard (true)


Fans of the Grateful Dead are called this (Deadheads)


What is Tommy (genre and group who did it)? rock opera by the Who


Motown was based out of this city (Detroit)


This group did the soundtrack for the movie The Graduate (Simon and Garfunkel)


This guitarist experimented with whammy bars, distortion, tremolo and extreme volume (Jimi Hendrix)


Lead singer for the Doors? (Jim Morrison)


T or F the Rolling Stones still perform today (true)


The peace and love movement was centered in this city and this neighborhood (San Francisco, Haight Ashbury district)


Lead guitarist for the Rolling Stones? (Keith Richards)


T or F Folk music started with acoustic instruments and evolved into folk rock with electric instruments (true)


This person is known as “Lady Soul” (Aretha Franklin)


Lead singer for Jefferson Airplane? (Grace Slick)


T or F, Jimi Hendrix played a left-hand guitar (false, it was a right-handed guitar he played upside down)


What did the Stones ask Hell’s Angels to do but what did they do instead? (provide security at Altamont/their music festival, they instead started a riot and killed someone)


T or F Bob Dylan helped create the genre of folk rock when he played a fully electric set at the Newport Folk Festival (true)


When this happened, the Stones were playing this song (Sympathy for the Devil)